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Apex Legends Mobile APK v1.3.672.556 (Beta) For Android

Android Android 5.0Action
4.2 ( 509664 ratings )
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Name Apex Legends Mobile
Genre Action
Size 2.7 GB
Version 1.3.672.556
Update January 6, 2024
MOD Official
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Mod Version 1.3.672.556
Apex Legends Mobile is the most famous version in the Apex Legends Mobile series of publisher ELECTRONIC ARTS
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You need to be connected to a Philippines VPN to log-in the beta version of the game (X3 VPN or Melon VPN recommended)

I heard about the latest Apex Legend Mobile game, it will come with a smartphone. It is an action shooting game developed by ELECTRONIC ARTS. It has many impressive features on the touch screen. Do you want a release date? Then just get to the right place to get Apex Legends Mobile APK for free When it will be available. This game is popular with many people who use it to play this on their PC and Xbox. Yes because it is available on pcs and now after some time everyone can enjoy it on their smartphones.

Let me explain in more detail about this game. Apex Legends is actually a unique and exciting shooting game. What the gameplay does will make the players feel like heroes, and allow them to play like fairy tales. This is a first-person shooting game that will use a third-person view. It would also be better if you could show different ways of fighting on the battlefield. These players will take part in a tough fight where everyone’s lives seem to be in danger. Let us show the world that we are the best goals.

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  • One mode with multiple players
  • 3d graphics
  • Custom controls
  • The best real weapons
  • Exciting new maps
  • Auto-aim / No reverse
Apex Legends Mobile for Android

One mode with multiple players

This game has many modes to play. If you do not have a team you can play single-player mode. In that mode, you have to fight alone with all the enemies and there will be no team to help you and you will be a one-man army and you have to kill all the enemies alone. And in multiplayer mode, you can play this game with your friends and family members. Enjoy the game with your friends by talking to them and doing tricks with your friends to kill enemies and win the game. It has many modes to play and all of these will be revealed by you while playing this game.

Realistic weapons

You will also find this in a typical shooting game on the battlefield. The special thing about this game is that everything sounds real to it. Looks like there’s a visible World where you play the role of a hero in this game. Among them are things like flying in a plane and talking to friends done on an Apex legend mobile phone. You can make a strategy against the enemies and attack them. Also, it can collect weapons in houses, adventure with friends like riding cars, bikes, planes, and boats can also be done in this game. The game will be very amazing to play. When you play, you will go crazy with Apex legend Mobile Game. I do not say this, in a big way because millions of people have already created their world in Apex legend pc.

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Customizable controls

The controls are very flexible in this game. You can customize the controls as you like. In the default control settings, you can move your character by dragging the movement pad located at the bottom left of the screen. Swipe to the right of the screen to change camera. In the lower right corner, there are buttons for bending, tilting, jumping and shooting. In the middle of the screen, you can see the purpose assistant. You can access the map. Tap the selected weapon icon to reload. And other weapons of mass destruction. You can turn on the air precision that automatically directs the enemy when you open a scooter or shoot next to them. You can also turn it off in setting.

Exciting new maps

Now you can play on amazing maps with completely different locations. If you are lonely you will not have old battlefield shooting games, you can download this game. It will provide you with the latest maps to explore. Some people are known for who is playing this game on their PC. You will find its map more interesting and better in graphics than any other in its category.

3d graphics

Apex legend mobile  comes with better graphics when compared to other war royale games. You can customize the photo settings and customize your game according to your needs. The best part is that you can now enjoy the game with the best resolution we can give your smartphone. Now enjoy the best graphics battle royale game with your friends and relatives.

Apex Legends Mobile Beta Download APK

Auto aim/ No recoil

Both of these elements are very useful in killing your enemies. Not all battle royale games offer this feature. But Apex legend mobile is also a feature to make the game better and smoother for you. With the auto-aim feature you can automatically direct your enemies while you open the scoop will automatically fire nearby enemies, and you should just press the fire button. Just like no retreat will help you target enemies and make your game better and smoother.


Hello guys! If you are looking for a new battle royale game, you can add this game to your list. It is an action shooting game. It will come with new energy, and millions of games are already waiting for it. New maps and excellent photo setting. You can enjoy it with your friends and your teams and enjoy the game by contacting your team, enjoy the game by interacting with your colleague and killing enemies. Now enjoy the best shooting game with real guns and weapons, Not much time left because it is available to other people to diagnose problems and fix bugs. You can go and pre-register with your team. It will be available in a few days, and you can download this game from our website, and you can enjoy it with your team.

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Can we play alone in this game?

Yes, it comes with a single-player and with multiplayer mode. It is totally up to you what you want to do.

Can we communicate with our team in this game?

Yes, you can talk to your team, make strategies against the enemies and have fun with your team.

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