10 Best Funny Games for Android Device in 2023

by Rabh, Friday, 24 February 2023 (1 year ago)
10 Best Funny Games for Android Device in 2023

Having fun is an important part of life. We can’t play hardcore games all the time to kill time as they can be frustrated sometimes and want some relaxing time. In this time, light-weighted funny games and apps are more suitable to use. They not only kill the time but also entertain us with their funny facts. We have more fun while using funny apps and games as we don’t take them seriously and play mindlessly too.

List of 10 best funny Apps and Games

  • Mini Militia-Doodle Army 2
  • Daddy Long Legs
  • Dumb Ways to Die
  • Mmm Fingers
  • No Humanity-The Hardest Game
  • Stickman Skate Battle
  • 9GAG
  • Instagram
  • Dad Jokes
  • Whack Your Boss/Computer/Ex

Mini Militia-Doodle Army 2

This is one of the most popular 2D multiplayer shooter games offered by Miniclip.com. Playing this game is so much fun in online mode. 6 players join the multiplayer match and compete to get the most kills. Make your avatar and fly with a jetpack, shoot them with modern weapons, fry them with grenades and machetes. Access more weapons and benefits with the battle pass.

Daddy Long Legs

As the name suggests, the game character has incredibly long legs despite his small hairy body, lol. All you have to do is to tap the screen and walk as far as you can with those long legs. Sounds easy? Then try it. You will enjoy this game even when you can’t make a big score. It’s funny and challenging. With every new step, you will get rewards like clothes or avatar.

Dumb Ways to Die

Dumb Ways to Die is one of the best app offered by Metro Trains. It’s so much time-passing and addictive game that you will have fun and laugh at all those crazy and dumb ways of dying. Finish the level in the given time or you will die. The funny part is how he dies. Go ahead, play this game, and watch yourself.

Mmm Fingers

This game is offered by Noodlecake Studios Inc. In this game, if you take off your finger from the screen, you lose. If you touch the monsters, you lose. You have to protect your finger from those hungry monsters without lifting. It’s fun to score avoiding those monsters. Where you die, you can watch the blood trails there in the next match too.

No Humanity-The Hardest Game

This game is offered by Sweaty Chair Studio. It’s an addictive game where you have to protect your spaceship at any cost from the incoming dangers like missiles and monsters. This is so hard that you can’t even survive for 15 seconds. And yet,  it’s so much fun and challenging to get past that limit. The fun part is your spaceship will get destroyed in unknown styles.

Stickman Skate Battle

This game is offered by Djinnworks GmbH. It’s a 3D PvP multiplayer skating game. Playing this game against other players is challenging and satisfying with the graphics and skating moves. Skate as you want in training mode and perform stylish moves. But you can fall too. So be careful with those moves. It’s the best app to kill your boredom.


9GAG is one of the best entertaining apps to time-pass. In this app, you can find millions of memes, gifs and funny short videos. You can also upload your funny content on this app. This app always gives you latest memes on latest events. You can search memes on any topic. You can save the post in your device that you like and share with your friends. If you don’t like any meme, then go its comments and that we will be even more funny.


Instagram is famous all over the world. It’s social media and also the most time-killing app. You can follow the meme pages on insta where you can watch funny videos and pics. I don’t think I have to explain about Instagram as it is popular around the world.

Dad Jokes

Dad Jokes is offered by the Max Applications. It’s so simple in design and funny and cool applications. Just swipe left and right to read the new joke and tap the screen to reveal the real punch line of the joke. You will find amazing funny corny jokes on this app. A very nice app to smile and kill the boring time.

Whack Your Boss/Computer/Ex

These are three games offered by Tom Winkler. In these games, you can choose the way of whacking your ex or boss. There are so many options to choose from. Every option is so funny and surprising. You are gonna have fun playing this game. Whack them with a bazooka, airplane, fire, or other funny stuff too. It’s so relaxing to whack them.

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