Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat – An Interesting Social App

by Rabh, Friday, 24 February 2023 (1 year ago)
Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat – An Interesting Social App

Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat is an upcoming social application for Android devices. It’s currently in early development and available for iPhones, but with limited people. So, it will take a little time to release the official version for all the users. It’s a kinda unique app as compared to other social apps like WhatsApp or Instagram. In Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat, people can meet new people around the world and participate in the drop-in audio conversation, which is pretty interesting.

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[Update] Bugs & Crashes Fixed

[Update] Improvement in App

Overview of Clubhouse


Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat is an app for casual talks where people can drop audio messages. You can follow people and hop in as a listener to listen to their chats, which is kinda funny. Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat is a social networking application, offered by Alpha Exploration Co. In the latest version, the developers are trying to add new features and fixing bugs.

Speaking of the app, in Clubhouse, you will see rooms, and see people are talking. You can listen to their conversation and have fun. There are so many other conversations to discover. Once you are in a room, you can raise your hand, if you wish to say something. Speakers will choose if they want to allow you or not. Also, people can create their own rooms. Others can join it, you can invite your friends & family members too. It’s a great place for amazing conversations, stories, debates, and thousand of topics.

Clubhouse is voice-only

The Clubhouse is a voice-only social app. It’s because people can share everything with their sound. There are so many advantages of this, according to developers, and they are so right. We don’t need to worry about our clothes, make-up, what chores we doing, we can chat with people the way we want to. Mothers can chat & work during breastfeeding with the Clubhouse. It’s pretty interesting that we will be getting this app. Currently, according to developers, they have visited rooms full of funny stories, work, recent incidents, coronavirus, and a lot more amazing rooms.

When Clubhouse will be released?

Its been three months since the app came into development. As Clubhouse is in development, so it will take a while to release it for everyone. The developers said that they keep trying to make new features for this app. They are trying to grow this app slowly for various reasons. So, sit around and reserve your username today. You will be notified whenever the app will be available.

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