How To Get Back Deleted WhatsApp Messages 2023

by Rabh, Friday, 24 February 2023 (1 year ago)
How To Get Back Deleted WhatsApp Messages 2023

Sometimes, our WhatsApp messages or chats get deleted accidentally. So, how do we get them back? Nowadays when WhatsApp is so much popular and used by millions of people daily, does it has a feature to get deleted messages back? We are speaking of deleted, not permanently deleted. There is a difference between them. In this article, we will discuss How to get back deleted WhatsApp Messages?.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a social media app, offered by WhatsApp Inc. It has billions of downloads worldwide and it’s available for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, etc. platforms. It is popular because it is very simple to use, and works as a messenger application. But you will need an active internet connection to use it. Let’s talk about its features.

  • Lightweight and Fast Messaging
  • Audio & Video Calls for Smartphones
  • Backup & Restore Feature
  • Share Media & Data Files with Friends

WhatsApp Backup & Restore Feature

How To Get Back Deleted WhatsApp Messages

In case, your WhatsApp chats get deleted by mistake and you want them back, then this feature helps a lot. But there is a condition, you must have enabled the WhatsApp Chat Backup option. For Android devices, it uses the Google Drive account to make a backup, and for iOS, it uses iCloud for backup chat data.

The question is, have you enabled chat backup on WhatsApp? Without it, there is no chance to get deleted messages back. Let’s say, you have enabled it. Then, it is very easy to get the deleted data. Also, you can back up to Google Drive daily, weekly, monthly, or use the custom backup.

How to Get Back WhatsApp Deleted Data?

How To Get Back Deleted WhatsApp Messages

For example, you delete a chat by mistake and want it back and you are using the backup feature as well. In that case, uninstall WhatsApp and install it again. From there you can restore the last backup of your account. It is easy & simple. But remember, it depends, you may lose your fresh chat data if you are using the weekly or monthly backup options. So, keep in mind about this.

How to Backup Data on WhatsApp?

How To Get Back Deleted WhatsApp Messages

If you are wondering, how to backup WhatsApp data in the first place, don’t worry. We are here for your help because most people don’t know about it. WhatsApp is providing a backup feature that you should enable if you wish to not lose any data accidentally but be sure after the backup, there will be no end-to-end encryption security. But that’s not the case most of the time.

As we told earlier, for Android, the backup will store on your Google Drive, and for iOS, it will store on the iCloud. If you haven’t enabled it, you can enable it by going to WhatsApp Settings >> Chats >> Chat backup. Then, choose the Google account and how frequently you want to back up the data (Weekly, Monthly, Daily, etc). You can back up over Wifi as well as with a cellular. Also, you can include videos in the back up if you want to.

How to Restore WhatsApp Backup Data from Internal Storage?

How To Get Back Deleted WhatsApp Messages

Well, it’s kinda complex but you can restore the data with internal backup files. But it’s only available for Android devices because whenever WhatsApp back up your data, a copy is sent to the phone’s internal storage. You may have visited the WhatsApp Database Folder. Also, you can find files named such as msgstore.db.crypt12 and others will be named with their respective date in the format of msgstore-2020-month-day.1.db.crypt12.

You can get the details of the old backup files from the date. If you want to backup, then just rename any of the familiar or the latest back up file to msgstore.db.crypt12. But you know, WhatsApp uses the Google Drive data for restoring data. Go and delete WhatsApp backup from Google Drive. Now, uninstall WhatsApp and install again and choose the restore option, that’s all.

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