Netflix not working? Here’s what you can do to change that

by Rabh, Saturday, 31 December 2022 (1 year ago)
Netflix not working? Here’s what you can do to change that

Something is wrong with your Netflix? Netflix ain’t working? Why your Netflix App getting crashes? Or you get some kind of error codes on your app while using an Android or an iOS, is there any login issue? Well, if you are having difficulties in using Netflix or it isn’t working, read this article because we have provided ways to solve those problems. So, let’s get started.

Types of Possible Issues with your Netflix

These are the possible issues nowadays that can cause your Netflix. When we speak Netflix, it means Netflix app on iOS, Android, Windows, Smart TV, or any other device.

Common issues

  • Network connectivity issue (Restart your home network)
  • Members exceeded
  • Clear browser cache
  • Login issue (Can’t sign in to Netflix)
  • Netflix app crashes
  • Reinstall and updating Netflix app
  • Restarting your device might help you
  • Netflix error 12001 on Android
  • Netflix error 1012 on iOS
  • Netflix freezes (on your mobile, computer, or any other device)
  • Netflix not working on Smart TV
  • Black screen on desktop

Uncommon issues

  • Is Netflix down?

Speaking of uncommon issues, which are too rare, I mean what if everything is perfect and there is a service problem. Like recently, we have seen big companies like Google, it went down for around 45 minutes. So, everything is possible. Netflix can be down as well, but you can always know it just by searching “Is Netflix down” on your web browser. There are many Netflix Status Detector sites are there, so no worries.

Netflix not working? Issues solved

Network connectivity issue

By Network connectivity issue, we mean if Netflix is not loading. Well, in that case, you can turn off/on your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. Also, one can try clearing Netflix cookies, it’s not so uncommon though. But you can try it. Also, you can try switching your internet connection to Wi-Fi or to mobile data. It may work.

Members exceeded

As we know, in premium plan users get some accounts like, their friends or family members or whoever they want to share their accounts with. So, in case, some of your friends may have gifted your account to their favorite people, well, you should try asking them, or just change the password.

Netflix app crashes

If your Netflix app is getting crashed again and again, then you may follow these simple steps.

Reinstall app: Try uninstalling your Netflix app, then install it again. It can work.

Update app: Maybe you are using an outdated Netflix app on your Android or iOS device, try updating the app. May it work for you.

Restart app/device: Well, in case if you have an updated Netflix app, still, ain’t working, try restarting the app. In case, nothing works, you can try restarting your device as well.

Login issue (Can’t sign in to Netflix)

It’s one of the most common issue, people are having when they try to sign in to Netflix. In that case, simply, go to the Netflix official site and try filling your email and password. Then clear the Netflix data and try to open the app.

Netflix errors on Android and iOS

There are some basic errors people face using Netflix while on an Android and iOS device. These errors are like 12001 on Android and 1012 on iOS. Don’t worry, no big issue. Check out the following steps to fix these errors.

Netflix Error 12001 on Android: Try restarting your device, firstly. Then, clear the app data, then open the app.

Netflix Error 1012 on iOS: Reset the Netflix App. Restart your device, if this doesn’t work, then just reinstall the app.

Netflix freezes (on your mobile, computer, or any other device)

There are so many devices that support Netflix. It includes smartphones, PC, PlayStation, Smart TVs, Set-top boxes, and other devices. It even includes a black screen on the desktop. In all these cases, try out these steps.

Restart App: It’s one of the best solution. Try restarting your Netflix app.

Restart Device: One can restart their device.

Sign in Again: After restarting the device, if it still doesn’t work, then sign-in again.

Updating App: One can try updating their app. Because updates leads to many bug fix.

Clear Cookies: Try clearing Netflix cookies, I hope it will work.

Wrapping it up

In this article, we have described the possible ways when your Netflix isn’t working. Also, we have provided their solutions as well. But as we know what if a new bug came and a new type of problem arises. Well, there are many possibilities. But if you are having these explained problems, I hope this article will help you. You have a good day.

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