Top 5 Powerful Music Player App (2023 Free) for Android

by Rabh, Friday, 24 February 2023 (9 months ago)
Top 5 Powerful Music Player App (2023 Free) for Android

No one can deny that they don’t like music. Everyone has their music preferences. There are millions of songs and everyone has their favorite list of songs and every song sounds nice with some equalizers’ adjustment and software to make full use of your device’s hardware.

Android built-in music app is the normal music player app with limited features. That’s why we need music players that can enhance the song’s attributes to its fullest by equalizers, decoders, or other audio features.

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Top 5 Powerful Music Player Apps

Here is the list of top 5 powerful music player apps

  1. MX Player
  2. Musicolet
  3. AIMP
  4. JetAudio HD
  5. BlackPlayer EX

MX Player

MX Player is one of the best music player app for both video and audio songs. It supports background play for both types of songs, in the lock screen too. This is the first android player that supports multi-core decoding and hardware as well as software decoding. Equalizers, subtitles, fade in/out, volume booster, dark theme, and compatible with almost every audio and video formats i.e. AAC, AC3, OGG, FLV, MKV, etc. Not only that, but you can also stream online music too. You can set the layout as a list or grid of linear/hierarchical folder or only files. Sort as resolution, frame rate are its unique features.


Musicolet is a music app offered by Krosbits to enjoy your local collection of songs with a simple UI, small size, and low consumption of RAM. The unique feature of this app is multiple queues. You can manage any queue while listening to another queue and continue to the previous queue from its last location. Additionally, equalizer, multiple tag editor, embedded lyrics with LRC files, folder browsing are its features. If you want to enjoy your songs with a simple UI, this is the best app and its a complete internet independent app, so no ads.

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AIMP is another best music app used by millions of users. This app provides 24 preamps presets with 12 equalizer options and audio balance control with playback speed. AAC, M4A, FLAC, MP3, and many more formats are supported by this app. Video songs can also be played as audio. It supports background play and sleeps mode after the ending of the song or playlist. Volume normalization by using replay gain or peak-based normalization, custom themes, bookmark options, HTTP live streaming, embedded lyrics, and tag detections are featured by AIMP.

JetAudio HD

JetAudio HD music player is one of the favorite players of many users. It provides 10 band equalizer with all 32 equalizer presets. You can get 20 band equalizer too in its paid version. Crystallizer, AM3D Audio Enhancer, Bongiovi DPS, and visualizations sound effects and plugins are also available, giving you more freedom to enhance music attributes. Crossfading, AGC (Automatic Gain Control), sleep timer, Volume balancer, pitch shifter are some of the other features. And its interface is also easy to use. If you want more control over the song’s attributes,  this is the best music player.

BlackPlayer EX

BlackPlayer is a music app with no complex structure. In the Library tab, songs are displayed in various categories such as artists, folders, albums, genres, and play now. In the Play Now tab, you can also see the record of your activities like tracks played this month, never played songs, etc. In the Playlist tab, you can access your created playlist, recently added songs or most played songs. It also provides the Equilizer tab in which you can use the equalizer presets and bass boost, virtualizer, and sound balance options. Many themes, audio crossfading, gapless playback, and recovery of lost album cover features are also available in the setting. Pretty simple, right? If you want simplicity in your music player with audio attributes enhancer, this is the right music player.

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