Top Learning Apps For Kids (Free/Paid) 2023 for Android or iOS

by Rabh, Saturday, 31 December 2022 (1 year ago)
Top Learning Apps For Kids (Free/Paid) 2023 for Android or iOS

Are you a parent? Well, if you are looking for some top learning apps for kids, then it’s great you have visited here. In this article, we will be sharing some of the top best and free kids learning apps.

Nowadays when there is a lot of bad and insecure stuff we find on the internet, or even on random learning websites (including inappropriate ads and content). So, wonder if there are really good apps available that kids can use and learn. Let’s find out now. Top Learning Apps For Kids are the following:

  1. YouTube Kids – Free
  2. Epic! Kid’s Books and Videos – Trial/Paid
  3. Quick Maths Jr – Free
  4. Khan Academy Kids – Free
  5. Goodness Shapes – Paid

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YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids APK

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YouTube Kids is one of the best learning apps for kids. You can choose if you are a parent of a child here. And you can add your child’s age, such as a preschool, younger or older. If you find any bad channels out there, you can block them easily. Parents can limit screen time as well. If you find any inappropriate content, you can flag them.

Epic! Kid’s Books and Videos

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Epic! Kid’s Books and Videos includes more than 40 thousand high-quality eBooks, audiobooks, learning videos, and more. You can use the app in two ways, for educators, and for family. You can get the one-month free trial, then it will cost around $8 per month. The Epic library is wonderful and amazing for kids. It has comics, superhero stories, bedtime stories, and many more.

Quick Maths Jr

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Quick Maths Jr helps your kids to get information about numbers, name of the numbers, counting, skip count, and etc. type of content. Your kids can practice number sequences up to 100. There are more than 12 fun games with Maths curriculums. You can manage difficulties of levels also. Parents can make multiple profiles of all of their kids.

Khan Academy Kids

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Khan Academy Kids is another amazing learning app for kids. It’s free and includes thousands of kid-friendly books. With its help, your child can learn to read, write, and even it helps them to develop their skills. There are storytelling activities, games, lessons, drawing games, and so much wonderful content.

Goodness Shapes

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Goodness Shapes is a learning app for pre-schoolers. This is a paid app but not that costly. It helps your kids to get ideas about shapes, colors, and patterns. There are funny games included as well. It includes 12+ fun challenges, kids can learn the shapes of circle, star, diamond, etc., also, kids can learn to recognize shapes, and many more things.

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